Marin Asa

Established goal:

  •  Considering the importance of inspection in industrial projects, Marin Asa’s technical inspection

    company, based on several years of experience, was established in Tehran in 2004 and registered with the number 220374.

  •  Performing technical inspections of goods and equipment at home and abroad, providing technical inspection services and non-destructive testing, performing technical inspections during major factory refinements and during strategic operations, carrying out technical inspections of industrial chemical tankers and industrial gas cylinders, performing major repairs Factories, supervision of the installation of machines, designing corrosion control systems for industrial facilities and providing methods for preventing corrosion, technical inspection of industrial and non-industrial goods before carrying and conducting water and sediment tests, and metal and non-metallic alloys.

Company Quality Policy:

  •  Marin Asa Technical Inspection Company has been established with the aim of attracting the customer’s trust and satisfaction in the field of qualitative and quantitative control of manufactured industrial products and providing technical inspection services in accordance with current national and international standards. In order to implement the quality policy, achieving the following valuable quality objectives is required:

  • Provide infrastructure and resources for technical inspection activities

  •  Applying trained human resources with the necessary scientific and specialized competence

  •  Achieving the most up-to-date information and technology in the field of technical inspection activities

  •  Regular training in order to maintain and enhance the technical knowledge of the staff

  •  Proper implementation of the technical inspection processes with the quality and strict observance of the technical specifications of the contracts

  • Respect for privacy and protect the confidentiality of customer information

  •  Establishing a quality management system based on Iran’s standard requirements – ISO 17020

  The regular implementation of
internal audits of the quality management system to prevent rework and waste generation

Continuous improvement of the quality of technical inspection services

Receiving and maintaining a certificate confirming the competence of the
technical inspection of Iran’s accreditation system

The Quality Assurance Director is responsible for controlling and monitoring
the proper implementation of the firm’s due diligence inspections, as well as
periodic monitoring and measurement, and the extent to which quality objectives
are achieved. All experts and experts provide the quality policy with the
participation, exchange of views, empathy and acceptance of responsibilities
and the proper implementation of the activities.